A Vending Machine for Books and Art

Happy Friday, everyone!

Vending machines seem a tiny bit magical to me. Think about it: you stand there, you put in some money, and from the nether regions of a funky-looking box comes a real, honest-to-God product. I think that we're so far removed from the 'olden days' that we don't realize how miraculous that is. In some parts of the world, you can get almost anything from a vending machine, including socks, wine, gold, and even replacement body parts (I don't know, either):

Photo: www.thesafetycafe.com 

Since I'm a huge fan of strange vending machines, I've decided to share two of my favorites with you:

The Espresso Book Machine
This amazing mechanical creature will bind, print and deliver a book into your greedy little hands in a matter of minutes. Touted as a 'bookstore in a box', the finished product is indistinguishable from the traditionally published copy. Watch the video:

That is sooo cool!

Another favorite of mine is the Art-o-Mat, for those moments when you just need something to stare at. I once drove for 7 hours to experience this little wonder. OK, not exactly, but there happened to be one within a few miles of my route, so my sis and I made a side trip to the Ritz-Carlton in Charlotte, NC. It delivers a tiny piece of art from a repurposed cigarette machine. A simple idea, but unique.

What is the strangest vending machine you've come across? Can you think of any reason AT ALL to use a replacement body part vending machine? If you can, please see your primary physician immediately!